3 Beiträge auf der Livebühne der ACHEMAPulse
iHEX-System ACHEMAPulse

SmartLab Solutions GmbH – gemeinsam mit den Partnern:

2mag AG, Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH, Düperthal Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, essentim GmbH, Integris LIMS GmbH & Labforward GmbH

zeigt am 15. und 16.06.2021 mit dem iHEX-Laborsystem die Use-Cases Flowlab, ELISAconnect und ConnectedLabInventory auf der ACHEMAPulse – dem Online-Event der ACHEMA.

Bei den drei präsentierten Use-Cases geht es um:

ELISAconnect: Devices required for the ELISA workflow are integrated into SmartLab Solution’s iHEX elements. The mobile hexagons can be arranged in a geometry tailored to your workflow, allowing a modular and flexible approach to upgrade your existing infrastructure.
Mobile iHEX elements receive power and network access by coupling to a main island. In this way, all devices required for the workflow, such as pipettes, microplate readers or the Eppendorf Centrifuge 5425, can be integrated. After a successful connection, the user is informed immediately and can start the workflow.

Flowlab: Automated User Guided Process Control for Measuring and Stirring of Samples —WORKflow
The user is guided through the entire process—USERflow. A sample for a quality assurance testing is delivered and the following process is started on the iHEX system by SmartLab Solutions.

ConnectedLabInventory: A collaborative robotic arm, mounted on the SmartLab Solutions iHEX elements, supports the laboratory assistant in the experimental flow while the first available modular organization system for laboratory workstations, called SmartRack© by Better Basics Laborbedarf, helps to organize all required lab accessories and labware and makes them available precisely where they are needed and when they are needed.

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