Digital Lab @ACHEMA 2024 – What to expect?

Digital Lab Action Area

Get inspired on how efficiently and sustainably the laboratory of the future can be designed. Together with renowned partners, we present five classic laboratory processes in optimized, digitized forms for maximum effectiveness. Networked and automated processes in the lab do not aim to replace laboratory technicians; rather, they assist in simplifying daily tasks, making them safer, and increasing capacity and efficiency.

  • Look forward to collaborations and connections between software and hardware solutions, supported by Cobot applications and process automation. Immerse yourself in a real-time inventory system managed by a single central remote control – the Laboratory Execution System (LES).
  • Learn how sustainable laboratory work can be within the framework of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and how it can be connected to automated solvent management.
  • Alongside daily laboratory processes, we address secure sample extraction and its necessary disposal. In one of the dedicated processes, we demonstrate how these steps can be risk-free, sterile, and flexible.
  • Effectiveness and innovation in the field of food analysis are also presented in the Digital Lab Action Area. Explore the possibilities and technologies for barrier-free, precise, and seamlessly documented food analyses, making your work reliable and traceable at all times.

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