SmartLab Solutions GmbH showed three use cases with the iHEX laboratory system on 15 & 16 June 2021 at ACHEMAPulse – the online event of ACHEMA.

The three use cases presented are about:

ELISAconnect: All devices required for the ELISA workflow have been integrated into the SmartLab Solution iHEX elements. The mobile hexagons can be arranged in a geometry tailored to their workflow, allowing a modular and flexible approach to upgrading your existing infrastructure.
The iHEX mobile elements receive power and network by coupling to a main island. In this way, all devices required for the workflow such as pipettes, microplate readers or the Eppendorf Centrifuge 5425 can be integrated. After successful connection, the workflow can start directly.

Flowlab: Automated user-guided process control for measuring and stirring samples – The user is guided through the entire process. A sample for a quality assurance test is delivered and the following process is started on the SmartLab Solutions iHEX system.

ConnectedLabInventory: A collaborative robotic arm mounted on the SmartLab Solutions iHEX elements supports the lab technician in the experimental process, while the modular organization system for lab workstations, the SmartRack© from Better Basics Lab Supplies, helps to organize all the necessary lab utensils and make them available exactly where they are needed.